Second Season Opens for Lifetree Café!
An hour of stories and conversation to feed your soul

Offerings for September
Choose a day and time convenient for you!
Tuesdays at 4:30 pm & Saturdays at 6:30 pm
Goodale Room, St. Michael and All Angels Church,
4364 Hardy St., Lihue

Sept 9 & 13 - Features a recorded interview with a woman who rallied her community to raise money for a friend who lied about needing cash for cancer treatment. “When I learned I’d been lied to, it was like getting hit in the gut with a baseball bat,” says Michele Beck. Lifetree participants will get tools that will help them tell which charitable appeals are legitimate and feel comfortable giving to worthy

Sept 16 & 20 – Includes a film featuring atheists’ honest insights about their beliefs and their experiences with people of faith.  “There’s a misconception that atheists aren’t as moral as people of faith,” says atheist Steve Graham. “But we can be just as moral. I have a complete and fulfilled life without faith. I don’t feel there’s anything missing from my life.”

Sept 23 & 27- Features a filmed interview with master graphologist Kathi McKnight.   “There are about 5,000 things a person’s handwriting reveals about the writer, and just a few things it can’t tell you,” says McKnight, who will reveal some of her secrets for analyzing handwriting.

Sept 30 & Oct 4 – This Lifetree event features the filmed story of a couple who faced various challenges from family, friends, and church after their college-aged son announced he is gay. This is one family’s story of a situation with all sorts of questions and consequences. We’ll have a chance to talk about family, faith, values, and love.