If you are a visitor . . .  

 We have worship services at 5:30 Saturday evening, 7:30 Sunday morning, and 9:45 Sunday morning.  The 5:30 and 7:30 services are spoken and feature contemplative piano music. At the 9:45 service, we sing hymns, and the children join us for Communion. Check the calendar, as festival services are often held at 8 and 10 a.m.  

Following the 7:30 service, members and visitors enjoy pastries and coffee. After the 9:45 service, we offer a potluck lunch with homemade soup.  

During the 9:45 service, care for infants and toddlers is provided in the nursery, accessible through the Parish Hall.  Pre-school and elementary children have Sunday School classes, and middle- and high-school students meet in Youth Group.  

The service leaflet contains everything you need to participate in worship: hymns, prayers, and readings. Generally, we stand to sing, to listen to the Gospel reading, and to say the Creed. We sit to listen to the sermon and other Bible readings. We usually stand for prayer, though some people prefer to kneel.  

You are welcome to receive Communion if you have been baptized in any Christian denomination. Our altar belongs to Jesus, and all friends of Jesus are welcome. Come to the altar via the center aisle and return to your seat via the side aisles. During Communion, you will be handed a small piece of bread, which you may consume immediately and then drink from the common cup. Alternatively, you may hold the bread and then dip it in the cup or have the chalice bearer dip it in the cup.