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"You go out to my people as God's messengers...Our beloved Church regards her children as having bodies as well as souls to be cared for, and sanctions the consecration of these and of all that is beautiful in nature and in art to the service of God" 

-- Queen Emma
Weekly Announcements
Adult Formation
Last week, many of our regular attendees were absent from our class, so we decided to postpone the beginning our exploration of the Gospel of Luke for a week. We are hopeful that many more can join us this Sunday, January 13, 8:30am, in our Conference Room. We will start by looking at the origins, authorship and background of the text. We will then spend the next several weeks looking at Luke’s unique view of Jesus Christ, his theology and themes. We hope to see you this Sunday!
As required by our Canons and By-Laws, the Annual Meeting of St. Michael and All Angels will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2019 (This is a week earlier than our customary time so that we can better accommodate the Jazz Festival on February 1-3). We will gather in our Parish Hall at 6pm for a reception with dinner and the meeting to follow. Since we are providing food and beverage, please RSVP to Loretta in the Parish Office so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. Our meeting will address the usual business of the parish, including reports from the Rector and Wardens and other ministry leaders as well as submission of the 2019 Budget. We will also hold the election for the three members of the 2022 Vestry Class. In order to serve on Vestry, the candidate needs to be baptized, at least 16 years old and “a member in good standing” of St. Michael and All Angels, faithful in worship and committed to the ministries and financial support of the parish. All nominations must be made in writing, signed by the one making the nomination and must include an acknowledgment that the one nominated is aware of the nomination and is willing to serve. Nominations should be submitted to the Parish Office no later than Wednesday, January 16. An election of five parish delegates, plus alternates, to the Annual Diocesan Convention will also take place during our meeting. Nominations may likewise be submitted to the Parish Office and will remain open until the time of the election. If anyone has questions or wishes to have more information, please do not hesitate to contact Father Andrew.
Herald Update
Herald Newsletter co-editor, Pat Hillegonds, is continuing to recover. As we pray and patiently await her full recovery, Gail and Loretta will attempt to keep up with Herald issues, if not monthly, every other month.  If you have an email address, please be sure it is updated with the office for the latest issues.
Have an extra vehicle sitting around? We are seeking only one vehicle now for use for performing artists while they are in town for the All Angels Jazz Festival. If so, please contact Alan.
We still need lots of volunteers for the All Angels Jazz Festival, February 1,2,3. Please join us in the conference room after worship service this Sunday, at 11:30 am, if you are interested in getting involved! Or, if you can volunteer in any capacity, please fill out the volunteer sheet at the back of the church. We will find the spot where we need you most unless you specify otherwise. Please sign up for any or all the days you can help out. If you prefer, you can email Sue
All Angels Jazz Festival Sponsorships

Interested in being a sponsor for the All Angles Jazz Festival? This is one of Kauai's best and most anticipated music events, and for 2019 we are seeking avenues to present this gift to the community as well as cover all festival expenses. You can help us cover our significant costs by becoming a festival Sponsor, as an individual or a business, with donations to include food items.

Sponsorship opportunities are:

SAINTS: $250
2 tickets to the Jazz Concert(s) of your choice
Mention in our All Angels Jazz Festival programs 

ANGELS: $500
4 tickets to the Jazz Concert(s) of your choice
Mention and Logo in our All Angels Jazz Festival programs

8 tickets to the Jazz Concert(s) of your choice
Mention and Logo in our All Angels Jazz Festival programs

Your sponsorship would be tax-deductible. Please contact Deb Baumung to request more information and arrange to be a Sponsor for this important event. Mahalo!
Please keep the following people in your prayers this week:

We especially pray for Kalani, Mary Ellen, Sandy, Charlotte, Gene, Don, Karen, Tony, Pat, Kelley, Linda.
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