Welcoming You with the Spirit of Aloha
"You go out to my people as God's messengers...Our beloved Church regards her children as having bodies as well as souls to be cared for, and sanctions the consecration of these and of all that is beautiful in nature and in art to the service of God" 
-- Queen Emma
Weekly Announcements

Adult Formation Returns
Comparative Religions - April 8
We begin a several week series exploring the main faith traditions of the world - Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.  Our hope is to provide an overview of the significant history, major themes and belief structures of each faith, as well as comparing these religions with Christian thought and worship.  We hope that you will join us this Sunday, 8:30am, in the conference room.  All are welcome!
Easter Day Thank You!
Many thanks to all who made our Easter Day celebration such a wonderful event.  Many hearts and hands came together to provide our brunch and other festivities!  A special thank you to Marj and Willie for all of their love and service in the kitchen providing our feast and to Colette for hosting the family Easter egg hunt.  We are truly blessed by this vineyard that we call St. Michael's!!
Another Thank You
from Father Andrew
Holy Week and Easter is a time of deep blessing for any Christian family or community.  It is also a time of much work and preparation.  Nothing simply happens!!  And during this season, I was particularly challenged - I was a single parent during the week and hosting my father's first visit to the island!  I am so grateful for the support of the parish during this time.  Many, too many to individually name, stepped up to take care of our preparations, some of which I am aware and some simply got done while I was not watching!!  Our services were lovely and our Easter celebration was wonderful.  It was not perfect.  But then again, it is not meant to be perfect.  It is meant to be holy.  And in the end, joyful.  Many thanks to all of you who call this parish home and who make it the extraordinary place that it is!
Regional Confirmation
The Bishop will offer the sacrament of Confirmation, the adult proclamation of faith and formal membership in the Episcopal Church, during his regional visit on the weekend of May 11-13.  All those who are interested in Confirmation are invited to contact Father Andrew.

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