50th Anniversary Capital Campaign

In November, 2013, St Michaels celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  To honor this event and position the church so it can continue to fulfill its mission in the years to come, we held a capital campaign. 

Working with the Episcopal Church Foundation, we adopted a primary goal of $550,000 and a challenge goal of $750,000.  As of September, 2014, pledges total $655,400 with $501,061 received .  Work on the various projects of the Capital Campaign started early in 2014.  Most work will be finished by the end of 2014, though a few projects will be completed as final pledge payments are received.


Projects and status

New airconditioning system for Admin Building

Inside ducting, air handlers, and VAVs installed; chiller delivered September 14; tubing and electrical installation pending. Completion expected October.


Parish Hall audiovisual system



Replace sancuary carpet, chairs, and altar



Upgrade sanctuary technology

complete except for touchup


Goodale Center: upgrade Zone, expand conference room, convert storage spaces to classroom



Parking lot: lights, ADA improvements, repave a portion

lights on order; remainder of work to be started after HVAC completion


Publish history of St Michaels (order form here)